Robin Thomas

robin thomas

Robin Thomas, owner of Inursha Fitness in Fort Worth, has educational background in exercise science, is a certified personal trainer and certified sports nutritionist. He is certified in baseball through the MLB Academy and specializes in Sports Specific Training. Having both coached and played baseball for over 30 years, he is knowledgeable and capable of working with athletes of all skill levels - from kids to professionals. In addition to his sports background, Robin was a national level bodybuilder, winning the title of Mr. Texas and finishing in the top three at the American Championships.

He believes that the better the athlete the better the opportunity is to become a great player. Physical limitations can prevent a player from developing into the best they can be. If a player can gain more mobility, core strength, and explosion, he will undoubtedly perform better. I can assure that the top players around the country are training on a regular basis and not just during practice.

Robin takes his diversified experience accumulated over 20 years as professional trainer (owner of Inursha Fitness, 2003-present), collegiate baseball player and professional sports specific athletic trainer into my programs. The programs that he develops are unique because they are based on knowledge from his personal educational background and experience.

It is his goal to provide a functional and safe program for each individual and give them an opportunity to be the best athlete possible.

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