About Genavieve Boyles

gena boyles

Genavieve has been an insured (ABMP) Licensed Massage Therapist since May of 2010, when she graduated from Arizona School of Integrated Studies (ASIS) Illinois' campus. She moved from Northern Illinois to the DFW area in April 2012 to pursue massage as a full time career. Since her licensing in 2010 she has continued her education with additional certifications in Deep Tissue, Structural Integration (Rolfing), Prenatal, Infant, Fertility, and Kinesio-Taping techniques to go along with other add on services like cryo and aroma therapies.

In high school she was in volleyball and track & field, which is where she found her passion for massage. Since then, she has been able to work with people of all ages, suffering from chronic pain, degenerative disabilities, and traumatic injuries, as well as being able to help amateur and professional athletes reach their goals.

Massage Offerings

To better assist you with your wellness goals all services are customized to each individual with the various modalities listed above.

  • Therapeutic Massage - $90 and up
    Rate depends on length of session. This session may or may not include KT Tape application, cupping, and/or gua sha (scraping) treatment.
  • Couples Massage Class - $250
    This is a 2.5 hour long private hands-on instructional session on the basics of providing a massage for your partner. Ideal for special occasion gifts or a unique date night.
  • Prenatal (75 minutes) - $125
    Pregnancy massage focuses on addressing the special needs of expecting women. Specially-designed massage tables, cushions, and side-lying postures are used to prevent putting pressure on the abdomen.  

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